the car share system

November 10, 2008


Car sharing is to have access to a vehicle without the hassles of owning one. The idea of car sharing is to reduce the number of cars on our roads and by doing so reducing emissions. One share car replaces approx 5 – 10 privately own cars, and you only need to pay for how far you travel.

Becoming a member of car sharing is a simple online process, where you sign up an account and benefit from using a service such as this.

Once you’re a member you receive a security card which allows you to access to the parking lots and cars. When you join you pay the small annual membership fee which covers insurance, maintenance and other costs similar to owning a car only you don’t have to purchase the car in the first place. You just have to book a car for the time you need and pay small amounts for the time you use. The system charges on a km basis, which works out to be around $20 for 100km’s, $10 for 50km etc…

Simply all you have to do is book a car online or on spot at parking bay, (the system locates the nearest available car) use the car and return it when your done.



Performance sharing

In the year 2020 Melbourne’s car sharing system becomes a part of public transport and is linked to other services within this system like performance sharing. Car sharing for car enthusiasts, sports cars, muscle cars etc…

These people have beautiful machines and would need a service that provides the same thrill as owning a performance car. Current sharing systems have small city cars, mid size sedans etc… and I ask myself if I where to give up my V8 what would I drive?

The system offers two models with many more on the way; the two HSV cars are the Encore and the Cryo GTS. (GT.C convertible) both are duel fuel hydrogen and ethanol powered muscle cars styled differently to attract not just car enthusiasts. The idea behind performance sharing is to appeal to anyone interested in giving up their car in order to reduce emissions.

The system operates in 3 zones, a city zone where small city cars go about their everyday business, zone 2 is the surrounding suburbs and offers more variety of cars to support the demand of most of the population, and the fun zone which the performance car sharing is based. There is of course some overlapping with these zones and cars are free to roam anywhere, this is all regulated by the systems mother server, which monitors all the cars and parking bays. Zone 2 and 3 offer a variety of services from muscle cars to family sedans to accommodate the needs of a large population.

The only catch is you have to give-up your car in order to get the full benefit of car sharing.

The web interface









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