Convertible HSV

October 20, 2008

The final design for the HSV concept is a convertible, which shares architecture from the hard top version shown in previous renders. The difference is the canopy , the convertible has a full smart glass roof and different C pillar acting as a roll bar.

The racing stripes comes out from the bonnet and sweeps through the glass to form the instrument panel and glove box, they then reappear from the rear seat head rest and like the front twist and form the split rear spoilers. (Previously in renders the bonnet had a bulge and there were no visible lights, this could be used for a third model a Senetor version of this concept, it’s just a thought.)

The doors open by firstly pulling out and then with a scissor action lifts vertically over the panel behind the front wheel, keeping the overall width of the car no larger than the wheel fenders with the doors open. The elongated doors allow easy access for the rear passengers.

Convertible above and Hard top below

HSV’s current line up lacks a convertible (or a coupe), this would be a sexy addition to the Australian muscle car range.


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