Car Sharing intrests

August 2, 2008

Flexicar In Melbourne offer car sharing where you simply join up, when needed you book online or by phone a car, you swipe your access card and drive. No frills..

There are lots of websites about car sharing and the system in which they operate are similar, as are the cars which are used. Small Japanese cars with the odd Hybrid seem to be most common, which is based on fuel efficiency, reliability and running costs. Some companies have a much larger range of vehicles to choose from like people movers to four wheel drives, Flexicar which operates in Melbourne use Smart, Honda Jazz and Subaru Forrester’s as it’s fleet and what I found interesting is that they give their cars names. “So you can book Betty in Blyth St. Or Rocky in Acland St”. One problem I see is that this system is overlooking one large area in the Australian automotive industry, Performance cars, yes they are more expensive and less fuel efficient as the smaller cars but in most cases are driven much less, even more so with the cost of petrol these days. What I mean is you don’t have to own a HSV to drive it on weekends. Most of the people who would use Flexicar are already environmentally conscious and are not fussed about what type of car they drive, they are already contributing to reducing the amount of cars on our roads, or they enjoy the freedom of driving a car without owning one. But there are many of drivers who want performance from their vehicle, cars like HSV, FPV etc.. which are Australian developed cars. These are just some thoughts about car sharing and an area I’m interested in is introducing these types of performance cars into car sharing. The cars themselves are not fuel efficient or cheap to run, but the system in which they can operate makes having a muscle car more sustainable. So if we had a locally built reasonably priced car, economical and perform like a HSV when needed, we would not be so afraid to talk about sustainability and V8’s in the same sentence.

I have a passion for muscle cars old and new and would like to see them stick around.


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